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See below for an explanation of which file to download. If in doubt, get the first one in the list below.

Latest (Windows 10 Compatible) Release: 5.0 (updated 24th May, 2022)

After many years of selling the software through my website and then basically giving it away to most people (usually students or academics) who couldn't afford it, I'm trying something new.
For version 5 (Beta) I am giving it away for free using an honour system. Basically, use the software and if it all works well on your system and you found it useful, please consider making a donation so I can keep on improving upon the product.

The Login and Password is available here:


Type Of Download Install File Name Size Download
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ClinTools Version 5 (Beta 5) - try this first (for Windows 10 and 11) ClinTools5B5-Setup.exe  
ClinTools WinAll for 'locked' folders (for Windows 7 and before) ClinTools41- Vista- Support- Locked.exe 20,175,158 byte file. CRC = 91753301
ClinTools WinAll - use this version only if you have problems running some features ClinTools41- Vista- Support.exe 21,096,042 byte file. CRC = 402034B2
Effect Size Generator - Macintosh X version (free) Outside link to Victims website (sit format) ~ 741k
Example Effect Size File Example- ESG- File.esg (right click link -> Save As) ~1.3k
Example Meta-Analysis Database Example- Meta- Analysis- Database.met ~236k
Odds-Ratio File Example- Odds-Ratio- (right click link -> Save As) ~0.8k
Reliable & Clinical Change File Example- Reliable- Change-File.rcg (right click link -> Save As) ~0.9k
Freeware Programmes
DASS 21 and 10 Item Scoring & Interpretation Generator (WinAll) - Version 2 DASSV2-Setup.exe ~ 11mb
DASS 21 Scoring & Interpretation Generator (WinAll) DASS21-Setup.exe ~ 4.8mb
BDI Scoring & Interpretation Generator (WinAll) BDI-Setup.exe ~ 8mb
PCL Scoring & Interpretation Generator (WinAll) PCL-Setup.exe ~3mb
d Prime Generator (Win All) dPrime-Setup2.exe ~7.5mb
Very Average Generator (WinAll) Averages-Setup.exe ~2.9mb
Prediction Rate Generator (WinAll) Prediction-Setup.exe ~6.5mb
Standard Deviation Generator (WinAll) SD-Setup.exe ~9.5mb
Z Score Generator (WinAll) ZScore-Setup.exe ~7.8mb
File Size & CRC Checker CRC-Checker.exe ~64k


Other Useful Downloads

Type of download Install file Size Download
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Visual Basic 6 runtime files vbrun60sp6.exe ~1mb
Microsoft Data Access Components V2.81 (for Windows 98/NT4/Me/2000) MDAC_TYP_281.EXE ~5.4mb
Microsoft Data Access Components V2.80 (for Windows XP without SP2) MDAC_TYP_280.EXE ~5.4mb


Download Information

This package installs the complete suite of clinical software - ClinTools. Just pick which version to download. We suggest you try the first one in the above list as it contains extra statistics! There is a 30 day trial where ALL features work. After that time-period some of the features will be disabled unless the programme is registered. Other features will still work.

The install file will also check to see whether it needs to update some very important runtime files before installing the software. This is quite normal. If you have any problems visit the support forums.

Important: If you have an earlier version / build of ClinTools on your system then uninstall it before installing the new version. The new version has new statistics which will not show-up if you install over the old version. This will not necessitate you entering your registration details again.

ClinTools Version 5 is now compatible with Windows 10. This version should work on ALL versions of Windows.

If you receive the message that the installation is waiting for disc 2, then your download has become corrupted - try downloading the file again. We have provided you with a free CRC checker if you wish to validate the download.