Effect Size Generator

The Effect Size Generator - Version 2.3 (798k) - click to download. Check here should you be interested in the Professional Edition. The Professional Edition also computes power analyses and contains a full help file on use of the program and an 'idiots guide' to effect size interpretation. The professional version demo will revert to this free version at the end of 30 days.

For: Win XP, but should work OK with Win 98, NT, Win 2000, Win XP 64, or Win Me.

A version for Macintosh computers (OS X) is also available in either a zip or sit file. Special thanks to A/Prof John Patterson for converting the Visual Basic files so that they work on a Mac.

Click here for fast downloading screenshots (2 pictures - only 20k big each).

This programme (or "program" for our American visitors) will compute effect size estimates for use in Meta-analyses. It will compute the Cohen's d effect size estimate, apply Hedges' Adjustment for sample size (to Cohen's d) and also provide Hedges' g effect size estimate. It will also provide 95% confidence intervals for the derived effect sizes. It contains a full help help file and is really quite self explanatory.

You can save files, open saved files and generate a printed one page summary report to keep in your records. It also contains a built-in screen capture device and a calculator.

You should download this file first as it is quite small. However, should you have problems and the programme is trying to access files you don't have on your computer then you can download this version which contains all the runtime support files that are needed (but is over 7 MB large). Some extra files are also available here.

If you use this programme, please reference it in any written material:

Devilly, G.J. (2004). The Effect Size Generator for Windows: Version 2.3 (computer programme). Centre for Neuropsychology, Swinburne University, Australia.

History Of Software

Effect Size Generator - Version 3.5 (Professional Edition)
This is currently not available for free download. It has some minor corrections, extra analyses and a huge help file on effect size. It allows one to select which sd to use in the analyses, computes all confidence intervals and allows one to convert different effect sizes (e.g., One way ANOVA F value to Cohen's d). It also enables meta-analyses to be conducted and provides Fail-Safe N statistics. This can be downloaded from the ClinTools website at www.clintools.com.

Effect Size Generator - Version 2.3 (Current Version)
Cleaner code & colour coded text boxes this will be the last version until a full point release.

Effect Size Generator - Version 2.2
Database redesigned and starting set-up improved. Now saves files as "*.esg" and registers esg file extensions to the programme. Once a file has been saved it can even be opened by a double-click (thanks to Daniel Trembath for an incredibly quick turn-around explanation of how to pass the global variable 'command' onto an 'open' function following a double-click - and he contracts out too!).

Effect Size Generator - Version 2.1
Now Includes t-statistics; can print to any printer and minor cosmetic changes

Effect Size Generator - Version 2.0 (no need for database controls with this download - use this version if you are having problems running the current version and the large 'support version' didn't work either).
Great big spanking new version. Big changes! You can now save files, open saved files and generate a printed one page summary report to keep in your records. You can now even save and email your own study details to a colleague!!

Effect Size Generator - Version 1.2
Buffer overflow bug fixed (can now have a total sample size greater than 32,000) 

Effect Size Generator - Version 1.1
Answers rounded to 5 decimal points to avoid the confusion of numbers such as "5.286539E-2".

Effect Size Generator - Version 1.0