Visual Basic & System Files

Some users may find that when they try and run the programmes downloaded from this website that they do not have a complete installation of visual basic runtime files on their system. Below is a list of useful files. Download them (right click and "save as...") into your system directory (usually c:\windows\system or c:\windows\system32), then register the file by opening the "Run" dialogue (under the Start menu) and typing: regsvr32 what-ever-file (see this picture for an example). Your programme should now run!





All Visual basic runtime files: vbrun60sp6.exe (just double click it and all will be installed automatically). Use this one first if you're not sure what's going on.

Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC; with thanks to MacroPool)

MDAC is a widely used Windows system component that implements database connectivity features. MDAC is required by many Windows programs that implement database features. These programmes should have been installed with ClinTools. However, in case of some problems here is some further information:

  1. Windows XP/2000/Me already contain MDAC by default, but it can get broken under certain circumstances.
  2. Windows 98/NT 4.0 don't contain MDAC by default, so users of these Windows versions must install MDAC first.

Windows Version MDAC Version Date Released Download Size Download
Windows 98/NT4/Me/2000 (not Windows XP) 2.81  (10/5/2005)  5.8 MB
Windows XP without SP2 2.80 (24/8/2003) 5.3 MB
Windows XP with SP2 2.81 See Below Explanation

How to Repair MDAC 2.81 under Windows XP with SP2

  1. WinXP with Service Pack 2 will create a fuss if you need to reinstall MDAC because it will think that it is already there. Therefore, follow this guide if you have any problems
  2. Open the folder C:\Windows\inf and locate the file mdac.inf.
    Note: Your Windows folder could be named differently, e.g. C:\WinXP
  3. Right-click the file mdac.inf and click Install.
  4. When prompted for a location, point to C:\Windows\servicepackfiles\i386
  5. When prompted for the file handler.reg, either point to C:\Program files\Common files\System\msadc or put the Windows XP CD in your CD-ROM drive.

This reinstalls / repairs MDAC 2.81 under Windows XP SP2.

Further Optional Steps

  1. Download and install MS Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8
  2. Run MacroPool's MDAC Repair Utility.


If you require more files search the web for them - they're all there. I suggest visiting the "dlldump" or search for the file using Google.